Fort Myers Voice Instruction

WELCOME to She Sings for Chocolate®

She Sings for Chocolate® provides exceptional vocal instruction by conducting master classes, annual performances, and studio training for singers and speakers. Students learn the art of performing with professional pianists in front of live audiences as well as improving their music theory, ear training, diction, elocution, and overall communication skills. Other unique opportunities include competing in local and state competitions and receiving personal coaching for school-of-the-arts middle and high school and college entrance evaluations. The studio's collegiate and talent affiliations add tremendous benefits to its students for future professional advancement.

She Sings for Chocolate® was founded in Southwest Florida by Soprano and Professional Voice Instructor, Ms. Pamela Pyles Linkhart. Ms. Linkhart has performed throughout the U.S. as well as Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, India, Russia, Hong Kong, China and the Philippines. Critic Vjacheslav Azvalysleyn of Russian Life Newspaper wrote “Pamela Pyles Linkhart possesses absolute pitch and an unusually beautiful soprano voice. A singer of such talent and ability is not that common in our day.”