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Ms. Pamela's unique approach to voice instruction combines years of experience as a Professional Soprano (gracing the stage with her “perfect pitch” across the world) with thousands of lessons she has taught.

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Calendar of Events

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Private Voice Lessons

Each singer is unique with his or her own individual sound. In order to achieve that uniqueness, singers must build their instrument in a careful and consistent manner. A singer's toolbox is a mixture of diaphragmatic breath development, vocal placement, diction, projection, resonation, intonation, and performance. Ms. Pamela teaches the tools of the trade in an atmosphere that fosters success.

Ms. Pamela has also worked successfully for years with the changing adolescent male singing voice, helping these young male singers traverse very difficult anatomic and physiologic vocal changes while journeying toward their adult sound as smoothly as possible.

Speech Improvement

The moment you open your mouth to speak you are being judged. Just as important as your appearance in first impressions, so is the way you sound. You can learn to be an effective communicator by improving the way you speak. Learn timing, phrasing, pronunciation, breath control, projection and eliminate stage fright. Quicker than you think, your sound will match your credentials.


Master Classes

Ms. Pamela offers Pianists (Professional and Student) and Choreographers for various Mini and Master Classes throughout the year. She has affiliated herself with some of the best performers and instructors in their respective fields. A nominal fee is associated with each class and will be posted prior to the class.

Annual Performances

Students are prepared for their annual recital performances, not only through the voice instruction and mini and master classes they attend throughout the year, but also through the methods Ms. Pamela instructs her students in for stage presence and overall presentation. Annual performances are open to the public and are given in early June. These performances have been arranged and conducted at various locations since 2000.


For a list of school, chorale and theater auditions, see the Affiliations page